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Customized Tapping Tool Request Form
Basic Information Customer Name*   Sales Engineer  
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Industry* Automotive   Die & Mold   General Machinery  
Power Generation   Aviation & Aerospace   Machine & Tools  
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Workpiece* Part Name*   Output (pcs/year)  
Workpiece Material   CMC Code   HB/HRC Hardness  
Inhomogeneity   Blank Molding Method   Other Information  
Machine Information Machine Maker   Machine Type   Spindle Taper  
Process System Stability   Machine Conditions   Cooling Method  
Spindle Speed (rpm)   Max. Torque (N·m)   Max. Power (kW)  
Tool | Coolant | Fixture | Tool Holder Brand of Taps in Use Now   Tool Specification  
No. of Threads   Tap Size  
Coating Type   Coolant Exit Style Code
(Center/Diameter Direction...)
  Cooling Method  
Coolant   Coolant Pressure/Concentration   Hand (LH/RH)  
Pre-Hole Diameter​(mm)   Pre-Hole Depth (mm)   Thread Depth (mm)  
Thread Limit  
Premachined Hole Type   Thread Inspection Method  
Special Description  
Cutting Speed Vc (m/min)   Rotation Speed (rev/min)   Retract Rate  
Tool Holder Type   Tool Holder Brand and Specification  
Drill Brand   Drill Specification & Life  
Current Tap Life (holes)   Unit Price of Current Tap   Current Lead Time (wks)  
Special Requirements  

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